Are Oil Diffusers Good Or Harmful For You?

Are Oil Diffusers Good Or Harmful For You?

As the saying goes, the taste of the pudding is in the eating, I would put it that the feel of the diffuser is basically in using it. However much we may gloss about the essential oils, maybe from some fantasy story as one supposed reviewer would put it or just pure imagination, those who have used the essential oils are better placed.

The risks of the essential oils and the potential benefits have been reported by the users in so many quarters. It is through these experiences that you are well placed to make informed choices of whether this would be your match or just something you can forego.

Your indecision in the course of purchase may not be the point of giving you the tips of the benefits and the risks; it???s for the user???s information???s sake. Some of the points noted on the essential oil diffuser use may include the following;

Benefits of the essential oil diffusers

The use of the essential oil diffusers are laden with huge benefits. Have a look;

Soothing-the soothing aromatic feel we get from the concentrated oils used with the diffusers have been known to help in the area of personal health. The mere relaxing effect is good for the relief of stress and depression. They then come in handy as a form of treatment.

The essential oil diffusers help improved sleep

Moisturizing-essential oil diffusers also play an important role in helping the user have enough mist in the air which is good for the skin and the respiratory tract. Their use has thus been found to give the moisturizing effect on the skin. The aroma has been used for opening blocked nasal passages.
Ready natural alternative-save for the diverse artificial diffusers, the use of the oil diffusers have been regarded with much awe and servers as the cheapest means to get a natural remedy. Aromatherapy has been a normal practice in many civilizations as an alternative to the use of conventional medicine.
Improved sleep sleep disorders have usually found their match in the use of the essential oil diffusers. With the ability to lull the user with the divers??? mood conditions set in them, anyone with sleep problems can be assured of getting back his sleep.

Better performance the relief you are bound to get after a bout of some relaxing aromatherapy is enough to renew you and be ready for the tasks ahead. By relaxing your muscles, you are well placed to perform better.

Homely environment the use of the essential oil diffusers have been attributed to help create conditions suitable for the home. This helps individuals to spend more time with their families.
Supportive cancer care aromatherapy has been touted in most quarters as the best natural cancer care alternative.


Asthmatic and allergic attacks for the asthma patients, the use of essential oil diffusers has been found to be a nightmare. Some of the oil aromas have been found to aggravate the level of the asthmatic convulsions.??This happens with the respiratory irritants which are found in some of the natural oils. As a result their use may not be advisable.

Risk of flames and injury while being used, the mist formed by some essential oils has been reported to be potentially flammable and may risk the user getting burnt in case of contact with any fire source. In the case of the use of glass chambers, the risk of injury should the glass break is real.

Economic risks the use of the essential oil diffusers come at great cost. Some of the users may not be able to manage the spiraling costs as a result. Moreover, even the homemade ones require certain financial input.


The use of essential oil diffusers have been increasingly growing in popularity. The diverse benefits we have seen are not exclusive and others have experienced different benefits. Just like anything in nature, risks are abounding as you can see.

But this is not supposed to pour cold water on its use. You only need to take the precautionary measures by opening the window to help mitigate the risks.

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