Best Young Living Essential Oil Diffuser To Use

Best Young Living Essential Oil Diffuser To Use

You must have seen some top rating young living oil diffusers around.  It could be usually in the course of your search for some diffuser to use either at home or in the office. You may as well have met the young living essential oil diffusers in other areas. One thing is for sure, several questions have always come into your mind as to which is the best among the diffusers.

The complexity of this question can only be alluded to if we look deeply into the diverse diffusers from the young living brands and appreciate their value the young living oil diffusers are not few in number. With the profile which the company has built, some of its diffusers have been top rated.
The question of whether which of the young living essential oil diffusers are the best can be another hard nut to crack if you are not well informed. Reading some reviews of a few of the diffusers from the brand may help give us some tips to be able to come up with a conclusive answer.

Young living diffuser reviews

Some of the notable diffusers from this brand include;

Young living rose -shaped home diffuser

This young living diffuser container has a shape to behold. Its use is wonderfully pleasant with the ability to give e the mist waves in the tune of 2.5 million times every second.  This makes it a rather powerful diffuser, more than the other diffusers of its range.

The addition of the ease of refill and the alternating on and off feature is what makes its use rather convenient. In addition, you will love it for the ambience it creates a spa like feel in your home. This then gives you the soothing feel.

Why use the young living rose -shaped home diffuser

Looking at the diffuser, you will love its use. However, some of the reasons which may make using it rather nice may include;

Its ease of use- the on and off feature of the diffuser gives the user a hands free use. In addition, its alternating mist dispensing mechanism would just amaze any visitor.

For the aesthetics- the container, whose design is in the form of a rose vase is good to look at.

Setting it up on your table would add some taste to your living room or bedroom.

Exotic taste- with its use with some of the most unique essential exotic oils, you have the chance of sampling the aroma of all that within your home at different times without limitation.

Author Review

The young living rose -shaped home diffuser for its exquisiteness is one diffuser worth having if you are an individual with the taste for the fine things in life. With it on the table and its spa like conditions, any visitor would love to come to the comfort of your home. Try it if you can.

Things We Liked

It is good looking.
I can enjoy its use from the comfort of my bed without having to wake up frequently.
The easy refill tin makes it quite convenient.
I can manage to have it on the table without worrying of space.

Things We Didn’t Like

The diffuser troubleshooting is rather cumbersome.
The 1 year warranty quoted is not real.
I can say it’s quite expensive

Young living essential oils aria ultrasonic diffuser

For those who have this love for nature, the use of the aria is definitely your match. With its unique taste, the young living diffuser brings into your living room something different from what the other diffuser brands did not give.

In addition, its use of a powered remote control is an indication that this brings the issue of choice and convenience. With the option of having some inbuilt soothing sounds, the LED lights with multicolored nature of the aura it creates within the room.

Moreover, the use of the unique ultrasonic technology allows for the easy enjoyment of the diffuser. In fact, you have the chance of plugging and playing your choice music as you get the soothing feel.

Why use the young living aria ultrasonic diffuser?

The use of this diffuser is important because it has;

Natural- the use of the natural oils is what this diffuser stands for. in the addition of technology and the assorted essential oils may just be the basis for the natural use of the diffuser.
Good size and design- at its size, the diffuser can be used at any point within the house without having to take a lot of space.

Author Review

For those who love the power addition of comfort in the use of aromatherapy, you have this for your take. It is the best your money can buy for you. it makes you to have a soothing nice feel within your room. However, the cost is so much over the roof.

This then calls for the need for the shoppers to have a look at the diverse diffusers which may not have to be the young living stable. for its features, you are bound to enjoy every bit of its use, why not try it out!

Things We Liked

I can enjoy the use of its remote control.
It has the combination of natural essential oils which is god for the user’s health.
The aesthetic touch is amazing.
I love its technological touch with the inbuilt speakers acting as the key area of giving the user a new twist.

Things We Didn’t Like

The diffuser breaks down without notice.
Its price is rather high.
The customer care division of the young living is really pathetic!

Young living bamboo aroma diffuser

Talk of looks and this diffuser will carry the crown without any level of position. That must be what drives most of its users to it. However, the mix of exquisite taste and nature could be the second factor for its popularity.

Why use the young bamboo aroma living diffuser

There are diverse reasons why this diffuser is good for your use. Some of these may include;

The cost effective nature- unlike most diffusers from the young living, this is the most pocket friendly of them all.

Natural use- talking of the aroma therapeutic healing taste and here it is, in its full glare. The unique mix of oils that can be bused with the diffuser gives it an upper hand.

Beauty- mist people appreciate the fact that the LED lights which accompany the diffuser have some taste never seen in any room. This gives it the beauty as well as enabling in the mood diversification, which is good in aromatherapy.

Author Review

Buying this diffuser for your home is bound to give you an alternative natural feel. However, there are still other lowly priced diffusers from the young living which you may look at, if that is your brand. I would recommend you opt out and look for others to compare.

Things We Liked

I can enjoy a cool soothing aroma.
It is good looking and adds glamour to the room.
I enjoy having it for the price.
It comes with some essential oils, cutting on the cost of purchase as well.

Things We Didn’t Like

I notice some black spots on the diffuser plate, which is cumbersome to clean.
It also has a shorter run time.
The diffuser loses its steam and so no more misting- terrible!

Young living TheraPro Premium Diffuser

The use of the thieves’ essential oil alone would make any buyer curios, which is what this essential oil diffuser has, increased alertness. Not the real “thieve” but uniquely blended natural oil aroma, which has the chance of giving you just the real therapeutic feel.

Why use the young TheraPro Premium living diffuser

The main reasons why this diffuser would fit your bill would be the following;

Free goodies- having this around are assurances that you have free thieves essential oil, which in turn cuts costs.

A trendy design- for the design, setting the mist diffusers within the room is easy and convenient.

Author Review

The young living personal care division has always been known to boast of quality. However here is the real deal with a mix of advancement and nature. Its longer lasting nature and good designs are reasons worth making anyone buy.

However caution is advised especially before taking time to compare the other diffusers with this. It is highly recommended.

Things We Liked

I like it for its durable design.
You will enjoy quality.
The lightweight nature of the diffuser is good for the user.

Things We Didn’t Like

The diffuser timer is faulty.
It makes a lot of noise.

How to use young living essential oil diffusers

The young living essential oil diffusers are some of the easiest to use. Because of the settings of the timers, most of the diffusers of this brand are very convenient. Most of these diffusers are placed at a point and then connected t the necessary power connection.

Because they have a mist diffuser mix instruction, they are then switched on and left to mist away. Some however have the remote control setting which helps in the convenient use of the device. In addition, the on and off setting of the young living essential diffuser gadgets is amazing.


To come back to our original point, the rose shaped young living essential oil diffuser is made with the trendiness that may make anyone jump for it. The addition of the unique features and the accompanying free goodies all add up to it being good. Most clients abhor it though.

Though the company boasts of quality, the young living essential diffuser they make have had numerous operation hiccups which may warrant the attention of anyone. The aria ultrasonic diffuser is the bomb in spite of the fact that some clients have a few issues with it.

The young living aria ultrasonic diffuser’s quality still remains top notch and may be the reason why we give it a clean bill of health as being the best diffuser from the brand to use. You have options at your disposal to check around, especially on the cheaper yet rather effective diffusers.

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