Essential Oil Diffuser, 3rd Version Cool Mist Aroma Humidifier Aromatherapy Review

Essential Oil Diffuser, 3rd Version Cool Mist Aroma Humidifier Aromatherapy Review

Review Summary:

This Essential Oil Diffuser improves air quality and refreshes your room with less water and handful droplets of oil. It is stylish, user-friendly and incorporates highly developed ultrasonic vaporizing and diffusion technology to discharge a soothing sweet-scented mist quietly.

Special benefit

– High volume mist and larger coverage range: Has a potent fan, the oil diffuser releases a greater quantity of mist over a broader area, up to 15 SQ. meters.

– Novel Fan Technology: The unit features highly developed fan technology to reach over larger areas but purrs quietly to avoid disruptions when the cooling effect starts.

Why Buy This Product?

The Essential Oil Diffuser is a top-of-the-line with intuitive operations, a broad spectrum of colors reflecting moods and moisturizes dehydrated winter air. The Essential Oil Diffuser comes wrapped up in a cardboard case and a manual guide with clear-cut instructions. At the onset, the assemblage is bliss, and its pitcher ensures you use correct amounts of water. Its vibrant colors revamp ambiance, and you can choose red, yellow, violet, green, magenta, aqua, and blue. Besides, the lamp can be adjusted for oscillation between multiple colors in a smooth and brilliant transition. The mist spawned is gentle and scald-free. Fed with proper amounts of water, the function is long-lasting and fade-free.

It tweaks in dual modes, intermittent and mist continuous spray at the press of a button. You can use lights only and stop the discharge of mist, for instance, in kid’s bedrooms. Inoo Tech equips this diffuser with an inbuilt fan to distribute mist across a sprawling room. It works with an auto-shut off that halts the humidifier when the water drains. A cooling function forestalls breakdown by eschewing excess overheating. Its whisper-silent ultrasonic operation makes it ideal for living spaces, offices, children’s bedroom, gym, yoga rooms, hotels, baby rooms and others. It is highly effective in humidifying rooms. The unit prevents dried up and stuffy air from harboring germs or flu/cold. Plus, delicate skin can be parched and chapped in dry winter air. Available at a wallet-friendly price tag, the Essential Oil Diffuser is an eco-friendly and niftier tool for an endearing fragrance and coolness in the surroundings.

Author Review

It has many health rewards associated with essential oils. It comes paired with LED lights to improve your indoor atmosphere; you can alternate different colors or use one. Unlike mainstream diffusers, you have two options to gush mist, a continuous mode and an intermittent mode that squirts for 30 seconds and subsequently deactivates for 30 seconds. The continuous mode lasts up to five hours and shuts off when water is exhausted. The unit operates quietly and does not make disruptive noises, despite the fan outfitted.

The inbuilt fan prevents overheating and eventual downtime. The units design also allows fusion with indoor d├ęcor and rugged plastic construction pledges long term durability. There are seven charging lights to spark your kid’s imagination or peace of mind if they are unnerved by darkness. Methinks it’s a great purchase as a humidifier and decorative unit for any room. It can be a great accessory for your kid’s room. Plus, no maintenance demands and is easy to clean.

Things We Liked

It has a powerful cooling effect, soft to touch and infuses a rich scent that combines with colored lights to invigorate dry rooms during winters.

It is effortless to operate, to jumpstart, funnel water, drops of preferred oil and select mist spraying option.

It is ultra-silent with a robust fan and has longer projection range ideal for homes and commercial precincts.

Improves air quality significantly by discharging cool moisture and also generates aromatic scent.

Things We Didn’t Like

Mist released squirts sideways but not exactly at the top and buttons may be hard to press.

Product Overview

This Essential Oil Diffuser is a hustle-free way to cool and freshen air quality. It offers a plushy design and straightforward use. Simply pour 100 ml of water mixed with a small amount of your desired oil. High-tech ultrasonic vaporization and diffusion technology silently spews a comforting scented mist. Additionally, the device allows you to change light colors, mist release and has an auto shutoff function.


– Copious Mist and Broader Range: It generates more mist and spreads it over a wider area.
– New Fan Technology: Features novel fan technology to distribute mist across larger rooms, cools the unit and functions quietly at 35dB.
– Nightlight and Auto Shutoff: Offers seven color LEDs and auto shutoff function.
– Whisper Silent Ultrasonic Operation: Works quietly.
– Product Dimension: 4 x 5.4 x and weighs: 15.2 lbs.
– 100% Quality Guarantee: full reimbursement, including shipping monies and replacement of defective goods for verified purchases.
– eBooks, Adjustable Mist Mode Waterless Auto Shut-off, and 7 Color LED Lights Changing for Bedroom, Office, and Home.

How Does It Work?

Using the continuous mist mode or intermittent mist mode, you can revamp indoor surroundings in cold or hot weather. Its auto shutoff function makes it simple to use. Add water up to the maximum tank mark and fill a small amount of your favorite oil. Put the cover on before choosing a mist spray mode and color preference. You can shut off LEDs or select color oscillation while you don’t have to be watchful as there is an auto shut off that deactivates the unit when water runs out.


This Inoo Tech Essential Oil Diffuser is a great purchase at it works with diverse oils to offer soft glowing and a soothing effect. It is a compact, efficient humidifier, no allergies or irritating light. Easy to operate, the humidifier discharges micro-mist giving surrounding air a cooling effect and fragrance when blended with oils. You can adjust from intermittent moisture sprays to a continuous distribution of cool air in dried environments. What’s more, this Essential Oil Diffuser works for up to five hours with a powerful fan and automatically shuts off. With long range moisture coverage, it suits larger rooms. These radiant LEDs can be ensconced almost anywhere, including kid’s room, training and yoga spaces, salons, hotels and much more.

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