Essential Oil Diffuser, URPOWER® 2nd Version 100ml Aroma Review

Essential Oil Diffuser, URPOWER® 2nd Version 100ml Aroma Review

Review Summary:

Essential Oil Diffuser, URPOWER® 2nd Version 100ml Aroma is designed to function quickly by diffusing essential oil in the shortest amount of time and runs for a longer period of time.

Have you heard of the URPOWER, 2nd version 100ml Essential Oil Diffuser? Chances are, if you are reading this review you found it after using one of your many searching techniques, possibly because you needed something different.

Special benefit

This essential oil diffuser includes programmable on/off cycles. This means that, for instance, if you dose off, it will automatically shut itself off. At full water capacity, you can expect to get four to five hours of diffusing time with the unit. It will produce enough vapor to scent a room, making it a great choice for most aromatherapy rooms.

Why should you buy this product?

Many people claim that the right kind of oil diffuser is one that has a lingering fragrance; I find this a little bit vague as oil diffusers don’t really mean anything unless they surpass expectation. When you want to combine aromatherapy with something spectacular- a good oil diffuser is the answer. This essential oil diffuser is unlike anything that you would ordinarily pick up from the convenient store.

It is designed to function quickly by diffusing essential oil in the shortest amount of time. Imagine filling up an aromatherapy room with great fragrance in less than five minutes! It’s everyone’s dream come true. Manufacturers describe it as solid on the nostrils and atmosphere. It offers a fresh, natural and clean smell with only a few drops.

In comparison to other diffusers, the URPOWER 2nd version essential oil diffuser certainly runs for a longer period of time. Essential oil diffusers are just as much about art as they are science. The URPOWER 2nd version essential oil diffuser employs special lights to create a pleasing visual environment during aromatherapy sessions. It is designed to be a functional piece of sculpture that blends in with other meditative elements in the room. It also explores some of the more technical aspects of essential oil diffusers, such as capacity and versatility.

Author Review

I have used many different diffusers in efforts to look for the right one; all differing in price and material. I had high hopes for this one and I am not disappointed-at least not totally. I love how it generally functions but I have reservations on how the mist does not get all around my master bedroom. Also, the oil is not included in the package, so I had a whole task of finding suitable oil.
Even so, I still have positive outlook because it meets most of my needs. Also, the first time used it, I realized there was no diffusion after ten minutes but the reason was because I did not put enough oil (just for the benefit of everyone reading).

All of my other diffusers are made by different companies. Some expensive and made of different materials, however they have one thing in common; they diffuse oil well. This URPOWER 2nd version is no exception. However, it serves me better than the rest.

Things We Liked

Easily portable i.e. it’s easy to carry from one place to another.
It has 7 adjustable, changing LED nighttime lights.
Easy to switch back and forth in between actions or continuous mist.
Good price value ($26.99)
Quiet motor that will let you sleep peacefully when used in a room.

Things We Didn’t Like

The mist might not get around a very large room and the may only be effective only for small rooms.
The use of too much water may result to thin mist which may not be disappointing.
The user manual may contain instructions that are not crystal clear to some users.

Product Overview

Upgraded to a 2nd version, there are straightforward controls for every element in the diffuser, from the intensity and color of the lights to the amount of cold mist dispersed into the room. All seven LED changing lights have high or low settings; this flexibility adds a considerable amount of ambiance to any room. Unlike some other contenders, you can determine the intensity of the oil-infused fog.

This could be a very useful feature if URPOWER 2nd version essential oil diffuser is located in low-traffic areas. A timer option allows owners to select a 60/120/180 minute cycle or continuous operation.

Product Features/specifications

5 “height × 3.1 Width
Ac100-240v 50/60Hz input power
2MH2 Advanced Ultrasonic Technology
No filters, works with a water tap
Auto shut-off for safety
Quiet motor/operation
2 ounces weight
Upper parts PP material

Apart from the Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser, the package comes with an adaptor, one charger adaptor, one measuring cup and a user manual.

How the diffuser works

The diffuser is quite easy to use-it works by removing the top part, filling it with water to the marked water level line and plugging it on. Once plugged on, it will run on the constant mode for a little over 3 hours and about 6hours on the intermediate mode. When filled with your favorite oil blends, it will diffuse the aroma all over the atmosphere. Usually, the first setting will do the cycling for you while the two front buttons enables easy on-off transitions. However, it will auto-shut when the water gets to a low level.

The oil diffuser is can be used by anyone, keen a rookie. If you have never used an oil diffuser before, ensure that you’re keen on reading the instruction because missing a detail may eventually frustrate you.

The Bottom Line

The Ultrasonic Aroma Oil diffuser is for anyone who requires a little boost of fragrance. It gives any room “that something different” but I would not say it’s the best I have ever used. It is great for diffusing oil in smaller rooms or spaces. If you are a believer in aromatherapy then you believe the theory that different aromas can have beneficial effects on our bodies, minds, and spirits. Essential oil diffusers act as a catalyst to the process.

Scented candles don’t cut it anymore, by the URPOWER 2nd version oil diffuser and join in bandwagon.

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