How To Make Lavender Essential Oil Diffuser

How To Make Lavender Essential Oil Diffuser

The sweet aroma of the lavender is usually the clearest sign of the power of nature.  The lavender plant, from, which the essential oil is extracted has been found to be one of the most important plants in body care and aromatherapy. However, lavender by itself is not oil; it is loved for its aroma.
Its importance can be gauged based on the whole plant’s importance. The aroma can be made from just the entire plant body with the stem, leaves and the flowers being commonly used. It is this fact that makes the process of extracting its aroma quite easy.

Looking at the therapeutic value of the lavender oil, you will be able to appreciate that the lavender is not a uniform plant in form every season. Each season, the manner of aroma produced by the given lavender plants may vary drastically.

When taken from the gardens where the plant is grown, most industrial processes would go through the same distillation process. This takes the effect that the lavender oil has faster evaporations.
The lavender oil is extracted using the heating method to be able to end up giving only the purest form of the oil. However, of notice is that the heat needs not to be quite extreme at preparation and storage.

The oil aroma can be extracted using the simple homemade methods or the industrial process. All of which are known to adopt the use of heart like the one we have below.

How it is made

The extraction of the lavender aroma may take the following form;

Identify the fresh leaves, flowers and stems of the lavender plant.

Cut them into pieces or just allow them to dry. This is best done by tying them upside down under a shade to preserve its aroma and the oil content.

Let it wither for over 3 days; do not make it too dry because it may not come out with much aroma.

Wash hands with water on the day of making the oil

Break the lavender into pieces and put it into a container. Pound it into smaller pieces.
Pour any type of oil which has no aroma and let it wash the lavender, do not fill the jar completely because the oil may increase in volume with time. Addition of the sunflower oil is preferred in this case. The longer lifespan of the essential oil also depends on how fresh the oil used at the initial stage is.

Place the jar in a location where it receives direct sunlight for at least 1 1/2months. However, with good sun light, the effects of the oil will be felt sooner. However, the mixture can also be heated directly on the oven with a tightly closed lid covering the oil. The temperature needs to be well regulated to avoid too much heat having an effect on the oil.

When through, filter the content mix using a cotton cloth.

To make the essential oil better, the addition of certain trace vitamins is a common practice. Pack your lavender oil in a closed jar and store away from light ready for use.

However, because of the disparities in each of the lavender plant contents each season, the addition of certain components to make the same has been noted in industries. It only serves the purpose of uniformity. The home made lavender extract is the best.

Because of this preparation method, the essential oil has no impurities or additives of any kind whatsoever when fresh from the distillation.

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