PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser Compact Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser With Ionizer and Color Changing Lights: Review

PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser Compact Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser With Ionizer and Color Changing Lights: Review

Review Summary:
PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser spawns the pristine soothing and far-reaching rewards of aromatherapy to your home ambiance and office. It has a plushy design blending with your indoor glamor. Dual-functioning as a coolant mist humidifier and LED-lighting, it is a worthwhile investment.

Special benefit

Quintessentially quiet-You can use it anywhere without acoustic nuisances, for instance, offices, yoga room or bedroom.

Fine Mist Diffusion-PureSpa releases smooth micro-mist coverage a wide range of up to 250 sq. ft.

Color Spectrum-Color sequence gives a calm glow in alternate cycles but can be turned off.

Easy to use, lightweight and compact for storage or transport.

Incorporates an auto shuto-ff that is activated when water gets drained, you can leave it unmanned and sleep.

Why should you buy this product?

Compact and stylish in design, the PureSpa is unobtrusive and suffuses 100% pure natural essential for a heavy aromatic scent lasting up to seven hours. It is carved in a slender shape to be ensconced anywhere without being knocked over. Micro-mist discharged refreshes and cools the atmosphere indoors to improve air quality and overcome a slew of conditions such as cold, nasal choking, hypersensitivity and more. Its powerful humidification and deodorization effect can ward off potent tobacco scent, pet odor, and other unpleasant smells.

It purrs in a gentle, ultra-silent and ultrasonic process that comes in handy in an office, kid???s rooms, yoga studio, or a nursery. Only modicum drops of oil are needed, and fragrance stretches 10 feet away and remains in the air without dissipating fast. The PureSpa discharges micro-mist, infinitesimally inconspicuous in the atmosphere.

It is equipped with an autonomous safety shut off. Funneling water is made easier by a tiny measuring cup; this ensures you do not add less water or overflow. You can add any essential oil; the unit does not weaken the potency of your ingredients as it works through a non-heating percolation function. Additionally, the units color-oscillation in a striking spectrum of flushes creates a tranquil surrounding.

The smooth night glow with ionizer function motivates mood and suppresses stress. The dual functions, LED-lighting, and mist diffusion use a single button. To turn on, for diffusion press once and dial again to activate lighting. Press the power button as it works to switch off. Connect the unit to a power outlet to kick-start either function. You can opt for mist diffusion only by turning off lights. What’s more, the sleek design is easy to clean, use warm water and smooth fabric. Do not immerse the whole unit in water as electrical connections will be destroyed by water reaching these parts.

Author Review

With this PureSpa, you can add all-natural essential oils to tap into the benefits of aromatherapy. A cool moisture humidifier, add essential oils alongside mist to improve the dry air. In case oils are depleted, an auto safety shutoff halts the process. And heating-free diffusion protects the integrity of ingredients to ooze all aromatherapeutic benefits.

It has a spacious water compartment to give out mist and improve air quality with special oils but yet fits impeccably in offices or nightstand. Coupled with a measuring cup, pouring water is guided by a maximum line. An intuitive button bundles three functions, LED lighting, diffusion, and shutoff. The fine mist is produced quietly in a nonstop function to spread your oils in every corner.

You may want to turn lights on; the incessant color alternation is vibrant and relaxant. Undoubtedly, it’s a small but reliable machine to hydrate air when it’s dried up against the backdrop of inclement weather. The units price is also competitive in the market in contrast to rival products.

Things We Liked

Gloss, stylish design and a broad base for free-standing in a steady and firm manner.

The diffuser allows you to generate multiple benefits of aromatherapy such as mood-lifting, serenity and premium air quality.

It squirts mist over a wider area with a 100ml tank capacity to last you up to seven hours. A handful droplet of oil required and does not distort the strength of your essential ingredients.

Offers multi-color alteration in strong LEDs for a calming glow, it can be turned off.

Comes with a three-function intelligent button running LEDs, diffusion and shutoff. An auto shutoff switches it off when water is used up.

Minimal maintenance demands, cleaning, is straightforward with a damp, smooth cloth and has less moving parts.

Things We Didn’t Like

Features pure plastic and is overly lightweight making it look fragile and cheap.

LEDs generate striking color alterations, but one cannot choose one color.

Lacks a cooling fan to prevent overheating after working for long, it may develop downtimes in the fifth hour.

Lacks a manual guide, for instance, tips on how to clean.

Product Overview

This unit enables you to take advantage of aromatherapeutic effects associated with essential oils. It also offers LED lights oscillation in a vibrant spectrum of colors with a powerful relaxation impact.

You don’t have to man it as its auto shut-off will halt operations when oils are finished. It can produce mist for several hours and spread fragrance around your rooms with a heavy scent. Silent-operations mean its night-and-office friendly, plus no maintenance costs.


Improves air quality and distributes aroma therapeutic up to 250 sq. ft with effects staying up to seven hours.

Ultrasonic Silent operation makes it suitable for offices or learning rooms where silence is imperative.

Features color-oscillation LEDs option, wide spectrum and soft, night-glowing light.

Auto-shut off switches it off when water gets drained from the tank.

Weighs 1.2 pounds.

How Does It Work?

Wondering how to jumpstart it? It works in three simple steps. Start by filling the water chamber with the help of a measuring cup and maximum mark. Sprinkle a few drops of essential oil. Ensure the adapter is connected to a power outlet before turning on. You can use it without the gleaming effects of LEDs.


Flowing from the preceding review, the PureSpa is designed to diffuse premium and natural essential oils with aromatic coverage of up to 250 sq. ft and lasts up to seven hours. Health-wise, it adds moisture to the dehydrated air to keep cold, allergy, asthma, or nasal congestion at bay. It also has a purification effect on the hazy, tobacco-concentrated and sullied air. Whats more, it operates in a nuisance-proof ultrasonic operation suitable for offices and homes. Besides humidification, it offers intuitive LED-lighting to create a soothing environment with a soft night glow. It is virtually constructed to give relief from the effects of drying conditions and revamp ambiance through vibrant lighting.

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